“If we had to sum Theresa up in one word it would have to be invaluable!
Theresa first came to visit my father in 2016 and he gained a great deal of pleasure from her weekly visits during the next two and a half years. She quickly understood his ways and managed to get him to converse about a wide range of topics. He always looked forward to her visits which gave him the opportunity to spend quality time with someone other than family. At times when he wasn’t feeling on top form, her visits always raised his spirits. He especially enjoyed it when Matilda, her companion dog, accompanied her on visits.
Theresa adapted her visits to how my father was on any given occasion, taking him for short walks around the village where he lived, or on occasions further afield for lunches out. At other times she would simply sit and talk with him, providing valuable stimulation. She always reported back to us any concerns she had about him, sometimes alerting us to things that we had not picked up on. When he became poorly, she visited him in hospital, and later in the care home where he ended his days. Dad would open up her in a way that he didn’t always feel able to do with us,
Theresa is completely trustworthy, respects the confidentiality of her clients, is punctual, cheerful and very professional at all times.
As family carers, my husband and I felt that we could be ‘off duty’ and relax a little, knowing that Dad was being very well looked after, whilst in the hands of Theresa during her visits. Theresa became a true friend both to Dad and ourselves.”  J&A S

“I don’t think about my Dementia when I’m with Theresa because we always have fun.”


“A  Trusted  Companion is exactly what we have found in Theresa, with her professionalism, empathy, commitment, enthusiasm, energy, and humour (very important), she provides a service second to none.
Caring for my wife with her Dementia can be quite stressful for both of us at times as anyone in similar circumstances will vouch, so finding a diamond like Theresa gives us that much needed break from each other for a few hours.
I can go off walking with friends content in the knowledge that my wife is in safe and caring hands,having that confidence in Theresa makes all the difference to me enjoying a guilt free day.
I can say with the utmost confidence that my wife also enjoys her day with Theresa and returns with a smile on her face which is so often lacking these days, so its no surprise that “when is Theresa coming again” is an oft used phrase,
She can also do a very good impression of Matilda voicing her disapproval.
Theresa quickly gets the measure of her clients lifestyle and needs, then tailors her care accordingly, she cares for the individual as an individual.
I have nothing but praise for Theresa, like the rest of us she must have the occasional off day yet she never lets it show, always the same smiling jolly professional Theresa.
I would highly recommend her to anyone, but not on a Tuesday please.”


“We just wanted to offer our sincere thanks for all the wonderful ways in which you have helped our Mother. You have proved to be kind and caring, reliable, flexible, and always hard-working. Whatever mood Mother was in, you would find ways to make a success of your time with her.
Thank you for being you.”

– D&S H

“Theresa has been providing me with companionship over the last five months and I have gained a great deal of pleasure from her weekly visits, to which I look forward. She quickly familiarized herself with my personal and family background, ensuring that our conversations have a basis of mutual sympathy and understanding.

Theresa helps me with household tasks that I can no longer manage on my own and we have, from time to time, taken short walks around the village where I live in order to visit the local public house and Post Office. We have also visited the Utopia Restaurant at Broughton Hall and walked in the beautiful garden.

Theresa’s title, Trusted Companion, describes her admirably. She is unfailingly kind, cheerful and ready to help in any way she can. She enlivens my somewhat solitary existence and perfectly complements the generous level of care that I receive from my daughter, who lives nearby. I consider myself very fortunate to be looked after so well, and I am glad to have this opportunity of giving Theresa my warmest recommendation”.

– PC

“As a GP of 40 years, both in the NHS and Private sector, I know the important element in any professional relationship is trust. I have known Theresa for over four years and during that time she and her family have house sat for us when we were away, and so we have trusted her with some of our most precious things. Namely, our three dogs. When she visits they treat her like a long lost mother and are so comfortable at home with her we know that they have been totally loved in our absence. I could not recommend her and her services more highly”.

– Dr.MP. BSc. MB ChB. MRCGP.

“We  have been very impressed with the care service provided by Trusted Companion.  From the very first time Theresa visited my father, we were both impressed by her professionalism and friendly nature.  Matilda her gorgeous little dog proved a big hit when she visited!  from the very first time I met Theresa I felt reassured that my dad would be in capable hands and her weekly visits to him have given me a completely guilt free couple of hours to myself whilst providing him with stimulating company, the opportunity to take short walks locally and even the occasional trip out.  Theresa has also given me peace of mind during short holiday breaks and has been only too willing to accommodate the extra hours of care.  I cannot praise her highly enough”.

– JS

“Theresa can be trusted to fulfill all tasks that she undertakes and preform them to the highest ability.  I am happy to say that we enjoy a very good relationship”.

– P

“I look forward to seeing Theresa every week. She is so helpful and I feel like she is a real friend that I have known all my life. I have had some really good shopping trips with her, or sometimes we just go for a brew in the cafe. I am so pleased my son and daughter in law found Theresa, she has really helped me to get out and about”.
– J

“Theresa has been a fantastic companion for my disabled mother. She is very friendly and soon connected with my Mum. My mum looks forward to seeing her every week, whether they are stopping at home or going on a shopping trip.
She has also given me a little peace of mind as I work away from home and knowing she is calling round and doing things to help means a lot.
I would recommend Theresa to anybody who is feeling a little bit isolated or lonely or just needs a friend”.
– ML

“Finding Theresa has made such a huge difference to our family. Since Dad had to stop driving last year he and Mum were starting to feel a bit cut off from life. Dad was also losing confidence as he struggles sometimes with his short term memory. All this was putting extra stress on Mum. We therefore decided to look for some help and can’t believe how lucky we are to have found Theresa. Her friendly personality but calm approach meant we all clicked instantly and we all now see her as an extended part of our family. Theresa listens to everyone’s individual needs and quietly suggests appropriate things to suit her clients. In a very short space of time, Dad’s confidence and interest in life has improved immensely and Mum is back to her jolly self. I would happily recommend Theresa to any family looking for some extra support”.

– AM

“We have been going out with Theresa several weeks now, and we find her extremely easy to get on with, always kind and thoughtful.
She is always so chirpy and cheerful. Sees to everything we require when we go out. A very comfortable car to travel in. We would recommend Theresa to anyone.
Certainly we are very happy since she has come into our lives”.

– A & M

“Don’t know what we would have done without you, you did such a fantastic job- your care, humility and patience was greatly appreciated. I’d like to express my sincere thanks to you from both my gran and I”

– SH