For some people life can feel lonely and isolated. Does this remind you of someone you know?  Maybe it’s a parent, friend or distant relation.  Would you like the peace of mind that they are having some companionship?  If they live in North Yorkshire or East Lancashire then help is at hand.

Introducing Trusted Companion.

Do you know someone who:

  • May be Lonely, isolated or feels cut off from life?
  • Would enjoy days out in good company?
  • Needs someone to accompany them on an appointment because they would rather not go alone?
  • Are you a family member or friend of someone who is ill in hospital and due to your work commitments etc are unable to visit as often as you would like?
  • Has had to go into a residential/nursing home and isn't getting  the companionship they would benefit from?
  • After someone who will 100% guarantee the same person for each visit?

Trusted Companion is here to help - there for them and there for you.

Trusted Companion offers a top class companionship and caring service for the elderly, based in Skipton North Yorkshire and provides Care, Support and Companionship within: Skipton, Craven, East Lancashire, Ilkley and Keighley.  My mission is to "help to care for those you care about".  Trusted Companion by name, Trusted Companion by nature.

Trusted Companion was founded by Theresa Ingham, who from her years of experience caring for the elderly, knows well their needs.  She has recognised the value of what she does and has introduced her four legged friend Matilda to many of her clients, much to their delight.  Find out more about how Matilda has benefitted.

Days Out
Fancy a change from looking at the same four walls?  You choose a destination and Trusted Companion will take you on a day out.

Domestic Duties
No matter how small the duty is, we are here to help.

Bored going shopping alone? Contact Trusted Companion and we will help and keep you company.

woman sleeping

Overnight Stays
Offering care and support for your loved one, enabling you to have peace of mind and a goods night sleep.

Have an appointment to go to but do not want to go alone?  Trusted Companion will accompany you.

Photo of caring girl visiting her ill grandmother at hospital

Hospital and Care Home Visiting
Trusted Companion offers a service to visit your relatives or friends in Hospital or Care Homes on a regular basis.

Do you like sitting and chatting, looking at old family photos, watching television or going for short walks?